Reporting an IT Fault in the Library

If you find something IT related that isn’t working properly in the Library, such as a PC, keyboard, mouse, please tell us!
Reporting a fault when you find it and providing the specific details like where you are in the Library and the PC number really helps us so we can fix the particular PC, keyboard or mouse – we really do rely on you, to help us help you
Faults can include
  • PC not turning on or not logging off
  • Mouse not responding or buttons broken
  • Keyboard not responding or letters / numbers no longer visible / keys broken
  • Library Laptops or Chromebooks not working or broken
This is only some examples, there may be more!
Get in touch, it’s easiest via online chat, as you can do this 24/7. You can also tweetemail, phone or visit the Helpdesk. All contact details are available on MyHallam.