Why do we read? A book is the most powerful technology invented

Everything that we value in the modern world has its root in the invention of writing. Everything that we have accomplished has come from reading.
When we memorise out of a textbook, the aim is to absorb all the details in one defined area, so that we can write an exam and even expand on research.
Beyond textbooks, we have literature, languages, history, philosophy, psychology, pop culture, art, art history, law, geography, sociology, construction, architecture, photography, film studies, theology and heritage, engineering, nutrition, even recipe books and Ordinance Survey Maps, to name a few subject areas in our collection!
In these we can absorb and filter different perspectives and world views with an open mind.  This helps us  to find the right thing at the right time, so that we can improve and update our existing model of reality rather than meld whatever we are reading to fit into it as it is.
The beauty of this open mind-set in exploring books is that we don’t actually need to filter them consciously. In a novel for example, we might not agree with the character so all we need to do is just decide that it’s okay not to agree, and it’s fine to overlook what doesn’t make sense. From there, ones mind will automatically filter for what is relevant and what is not and that’s a wonderful way to live!
Even beyond that, reading is a joy. It’s a touch of growth, it’s a beacon of inspiration, and it’s source of connection. We are how we spend our time and we become what we consume.  Our libraries are open 24/7/365, come and explore!