You say… room and booth numbers are confusing in the library

You’re right, room and booth numbers can be easy to muddle up when you’re booking and trying to find them in the libraries. We have improved this at Collegiate by re-naming Booths to Tables and changing numbers to letters, for example you could book Table 0.A. We are ready to make the changes to the booking system for Adsetts however the signage in the library would then be out of date. We are trying to schedule this work to happen at the same time! 
In the meantime we suggest you get to know the difference between a room and a booth as they are both great areas for group work. The main difference is that rooms are enclosed with a door and booths are in open areas where it’s ok to talk. Group meeting rooms are really popular and can get booked up quickly, if this is the case you could try a group booth instead.
The one thing they both have in common is – the person who makes the booking must be the one to login to the PC when you arrive. If you don’t the room or booth will be released after 15 minutes for another group to book. 
1. Make sure you know the difference between a room and a booth


2. Make a note of where you have booked as a reminder – or see your email confirmation from