Skills Centre – kickstart your academic skills

Here’s how to kickstart your academic skills
1 to 1 tutorials
Want to get a tailored session working in a personalised way to suit you? If you have a learning difference like dyslexia & want a personalized approach book a 30 minute tutorial to develop your skills.  These are tailored sessions covering all aspects of academic skills. You can learn how to study more effectively, improve organisation, academic skills and confidence. These are currently available for students who have declared a disability or learning difference & by referral.
Critical Writing
What is critical thinking and how does it translate into our academic writing? This session introduces students to the key aspects of being critical and how to transform descriptive writing into critical essays.
Literature Reviews
What does a literature review involve? This session offers a practical guide to researching, planning and writing a successful literature review.
Learning styles a Personal Approach
Do you want to learn more effectively? In this workshop you will develop an understanding of yourself as a learner and learn how to work to your strengths, developing new techniques to succeed in your studies.
Reflective Writing
What does it mean to be reflective? This workshop offers an introduction to the key principles of reflective writing, using frameworks to develop an effective reflective approach.
Advanced Critical Writing
Struggling to translate your critical argument into academic writing? This workshop builds on the fundamentals of critical writing. You will learn how to further develop effective paragraph structure, analyse evidence, and explore the key aspects of evaluation. This workshop is particularly useful for students working at Level 5 and above.


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