Meanwhile, back in the library – This week’s picks

For this week’s choices, Meanwhile, Back in the Library presents both the bitingly funny story of women in history, and a satirical story of a woman from a future that has distinct hints of the present; plus a collection of short war stories by one of comics’ greats.
Meanwhile, Back in the Library is a year-long exhibition about comics, graphic novels and cartooning: every week, our librarians will suggest three picks from the many comics in the library.
This week’s picks are:
  • The Trouble with Women by Jacky Fleming
    Written by veteran cartoonist Jacky Fleming, this polemical account of the social, mental and actual corseting that has held women back in favour of men- and the fact that women are then presented as inferior for not achieving more, despite all these constraints upon them- is pointed, acidic and very, very funny (although, as this book would remind us, since many eminent men throughout history- accredited geniuses all- have stated that women can not be funny, I am doubtless mistaken in this).
  • Last Day in Vietnam by Will Eisner
    For some time during and after the Second World War, Will Eisner, one of comics’ great innovators, produced manuals and guides for the US army: this meant regular contact with the army during the Korean and Vietnam Wars. This collection of excellent short comics is based on the experiences and anecdotes he picked up through that contact, from an audacious first-person point-of-view account of a visit to a forward base in Vietnam, to a tragic tale of a fatal combination of shame, booze and bureaucracy.
  • The Ballad of Halo Jones by Alan Moore & Ian Gibson
    A distinctly wonderful and unusual science fiction tale, with strong political and satirical overtones, covering a couple of days in the life of Halo Jones, an ordinary young woman mired in unemployment, poverty and bureaucracy in a vividly-drawn futuristic slum. There’s nothing special about Halo Jones, other than her desire to get out…
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