Meditation Today

Peace in the middle of the day

Join us for Meditation led by John Darwin.

There are so many reasons for making room for meditation in your day, these are just a few – relieving stress, increasing feelings of contentment and improving concentration.  Join us as John takes us through how to relax, breath deeply and let the concerns of the day float away.

The meditation will last for about 25 minutes and is open to people of different faith traditions and none.  No prior experience of meditation needed.

John Darwin is our Buddhist faith advisor and also leads many mindfulness courses within the university.  John says

“In meditation I am training my mind to do want I want it to do – to focus, to be calm, to accept, to savour, to feel gratitude, and to practice the Four Immeasurables: loving kindness, compassion, empathetic joy and equanimity.   What’s not to like in that?!”