Morning Prayer Tomorrow (Wednesday)

Start your day with prayer

If your anything like me, as soon as you get to your office or computer work begins and hours can pass without a moment of reflection or thought.  I have found that setting aside a short time at the start of the day helps me

  • appreciate the day ahead
  • think of others
  • start the day grateful for where I am and and the people I am with.

It is a chance to offer to God any anxiety or worry about the day ahead and to put priorities into place.  If you are interested in starting your day off in this way, we would love you to join us for a short time of prayer in the Christian tradition.

The prayer time lasts for around 15 minutes and includes time to add your own prayers either in the silence of your heart or out loud.

Drinks and biscuits available afterwards.

If you have something you would like us to pray about please contact the Chaplain Revd Helena on or 07831175562