This week’s picks:  9th June 2018

This time around, Meanwhile, Back in the Library gets hip to the Beats, finds itself embroiled in a disastrous heist, and goes on an epic quest for love through deserts, palaces and slums.

Meanwhile, Back in the Library is a year-long exhibition about comics, graphic novels and cartooning: every week, our librarians will suggest three picks from the many comics in the library.

This week’s picks are:

  • Habibi by Craig Thompson
    Drawn in an impossibly-elaborate style, this is an epic- if slightly solemn- tale of love, sacrifice, story-telling, environmentalism, race, mysticism and calligraphy, as orphans Dodola and Zam attempt to find a future and each other.
  • The Beats: a graphic history by Harvey Pekar et al
    This is an anthology of brief introductions to the authors and artists of the Beat generation. The first half of the book, by Harvey Pekar and Ed Piskor, concentrates on the (in)famous trio of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and William S. Burroughs: but the rest of the book features a series of short pieces by a variety of underground authors and illustrators- and in a variety of styles- each looking at the women and men- artists, poets, publishers, booksellers, and ‘janitors’- who comprised the wider Beat scene across New York, San Francisco and Chicago.
  • Criminal: Coward by Sean Phillips & Ed Brubaker
    Leo is regarded as a brilliant thief by his underworld community; but he lives by a strict set of rules: no guns, and always run at the first sign of trouble. What made him follow those rules; and what will make him break them? This is an atmospheric thriller, economically-told and expertly-paced, the first of a series of inter-linked crime dramas.

You can find more comics and graphic novels in stock at Sheffield Hallam on our exhibition reading list. We have a lot of new titles appearing in the libraries right now, so do check it out!