Meanwhile, Back in the library top picks – 11th June

Meanwhile, Back in the Library… is an exhibition looking at the role of comics and graphic novels in the university library.
Each week we recommend three graphic novels from our collection, as read and selected by your librarians.
This week’s picks are…
  • Tamara Drewe  by Posy Simmonds
    Told in a mix of prose and comic-strip, this is a sharp, perceptive, satirical comedy-drama set in an English village colonised by urbanites, with class, adultery, celebrity, literature, gender, chronic underinvestment in rural infrastructure, and- above all- the delusion that life would be so much better if you just lived somewhere else ( or with someone else) all conspiring to cause chaos and- ultimately- tragedy.
  • The Photographer by Emmanuel Guibert, Frederic Lemercier, & Didier Lefevre
    In 1986, the photographer Didier Lefevre accompanied a Medicins sans Frontieres mission to run a hospital in Afghanistan during the war with the Soviet Union: this memoir documents his experience with the expedition, as well as his rather unwise decision to make the return journey alone. As well as being an fascinating and sympathetic record of Afghanistan, its people and culture, and of carrying out medicine during wartime, it also deploys an striking hybrid format, mixing the photographs Lefevre took at the time with panels drawn in the bande-desinee style.
  • Runaways: Pride and Joy by Brian K. Vaughan & Adrian Alphona
    A series which always had a brilliant pitch: at some point, every child imagines their parents to be the most evil people in the world- but what if it was true? Lively, witty, slightly soapy, teen superheroics, as a group of kids go on the run in LA after discovering that their parents are supervillains; but then they also discover that they also have superpowers- or, at the very least, a pet dinosaur- and so have a chance to fight back.
You can find more comics and graphic novels in stock at Sheffield Hallam on our exhibition reading list.