Your Views – alternative study spaces on campus

You’ve suggested…
Better promotion of alternative learning spaces to the library with access to PCs and/or laptops e.g. Charles Street, Heartspace, Eric Mensforth and Arundel
We know it can get busy in the libraries especially when there’s assignment and exam deadlines, but there are other spaces you can work to suit you (some areas have fixed PC’s, some have SMART locker laptops, some have both)
Library, Arundel, Aspect Court, Cantor, EMB, Harmer, Norfolk, Stoddart, Atrium, Charles Street.
Library, Collegiate Hall, Main Building, Robert Winston Building, Saunders.
To help you plan your study time, you can ‘find a free computer’ on shuspace or SHUgo,  which says how many PC’s are free in an area / on a floor – including faculty buildings, and break out areas across both campuses.
Please note – The study spaces are only open during the day, so you’d need to use the Library at night time, which is usually quieter anyway.

Still prefer working in the libraries? You have lots of options
silent and quiet study areas – we know there are plenty of you that need peace and quiet in order to concentrate.  These are available on levels 2 and 4 in Adsetts, ground and first floor at Collegiate. If you’re with a friend it may be better to go somewhere no one else minds if you have a quick chat
individual spaces – there are more options here too – near your subject books, near a café, next to a window, a relaxed chair to read in, a corner, a desk without a PC but power so you can use your own device? If you’re on your own chose an individual space
working alongside friends – you may come to the library with friends however you each have work of your own to do. Do you all need PCs? Look out for larger tables with power enabled furniture or ‘clusters’ of PCs
group spaces – there are larger tables, wipe boards, meeting rooms, areas where it ok to have a chat and not disturb anyone else. We recommend booking group areas as they are popular, try meeting before 11am or after 5pm
doing your own thing – and then of course there’s finding the right combination for you, do you have a favourite spot, like a specific area, prefer to go home and study, have a break in your timetable and want to stay in your faculty building? We have these options covered too, try… self service laptops, Chromebooks, day loan laptops, week loan laptops, Smart locker laptops in building across the campus. If you bring your own device make sure you choose a space without a fixed PC. If you sit at a desk with a PC you may be asked to move as the PC will be available for others to book.