Do you struggle finding a free PC in the library?

You’ve told us…
“No spaces and loads of the pcs are broken. Spent more time looking for pcs than actually studying” 
We suggest…
  • Reporting any broken PC’s to Reception
  • Ask at Reception if you keep noticing the same PC out of order
  • Book a PC – via shuspace
  • You can find a free PC here and also on your mobile via SHUgo
  • Borrow a laptop:
    • self service laptops for use in libraries only
    • library loan laptops available to borrow overnight with your SHUcard
    • SMART locker laptops – 3 hour loan, available in Cantor, Heartspace (Owen level 2), Heart of the campus
  • Use the library during quieter hours – 5pm – 10am
  • Study in a faculty building/café area – options are here.
We hope this helps 😀