Meanwhile, back in the library… this week’s picks


Meanwhile, Back in the Library… is an exhibition looking at the role of comics and graphic novels in the university library.


Every week, we  will be recommending three graphic novels from our collection, as read and selected by your librarians.


  • A matter of life by Jeffrey Brown
    Told in a series of time-spanning vignettes of daily life and tight panels, this is a story of the author’s experiences as a father and a son, and of deciding to leave his Christian faith- no small decision for a minister’s son- small details braiding together to give a big picture.
  • Introducing logic : a graphic guide by Dan Cryan, Sharron Shatil, & Bill Mayblin
    It was the pipe-smoking swans on the cover that first attracted me to this book: but this proves a friendly and well-illustrated overview of a complex subject- “the study of truth preserving arguments”- outlining the ideas, theorists and terminology behind logic, and its role in mathematics, computing, linguistics, and the scientific method.
  • Jessica Jones : Alias by Brian Michael Bendis & Michael Gaydos:  A failed- and often sweary, and occasionally drunk- superhero sets up her own detective agency after a horrific trauma causes her to crash out of the big time. A lower-key, female-led take on superheroics, away from the big explosions and spandex, in which the personal plays a bigger role than the powers.


You can find more comics and graphic novels in stock at Sheffield Hallam on our exhibition reading list.