Feeling Fiction – February

Feeling Fiction – February


Feeling Fiction – is a book club where you can get away from academic texts while still exploring the themes of health and wellbeing.


The group meets monthly from 1-2pm, room C106 at Collegiate Library. You can also keep in touch with the Feeling Fiction group on facebook and Yammer


The next meeting is on Wednesday 28th February, 1-2pm, room C106 at Collegiate Library.

The next book is ‘The Girls’ –  Lori Lansens and you can view all the details on the Feeling Fiction RLO

Rose and Ruby Darlen are 29, and the world’s oldest surviving craniopagus twins. Emerging, joined at the head, during a freak tornado and abandoned by their terrified teenage mother, they have been brought up by Lovey Darlen, the fiercely protective nurse who delivered them, and her gentle immigrant husband, Uncle Stash.
Lori Lansens’ gift lies in locating the unusual nestling among the commonplace. In The Girls, she shows how severely restricted, prematurely shortened lives can be unostentatiously crammed full. It could have been a mawkish tale, but largely avoids this by nicely balancing Rose’s tremulous romanticism with Ruby’s sardonic observations.

So if you love books, need to chill out and take a break from academic reading – come and join us!