Vending Machines in Adsetts cafe

We’ve received a few comments lately about the coffee machine in Adsetts cafe…
Not happy that the coffee machine is ALWAYS out of order!
Sick to death of the coffee machine being out of order almost every night I’m in here
Coffee machine and vending machines always breaking down or reading card payment unavailable. I spend around 30 hours a week in the library when the cafe is closed and the vending machines really help. Thanks
We’re sorry about this, it must be very frustrating. When the ingredients are too low in the coffee machine it won’t dispense a drink. If this happens at night or a weekend, then it will be the next working day that it will be filled up, ready for use again.
They are very popular and we are looking in to a solution to manage this demand and keep them in good working order. We will update you as soon as we can.