Feeling Fiction – January


Feeling Fiction – is a book club where you can get away from academic texts while still exploring the themes of health and wellbeing.


The group meets monthly from 1-2pm, room C106 at Collegiate Library. You can also keep in touch with the Feeling Fiction group on facebook and Yammer


The next meeting is on Wednesday 24th January, 1-2pm, room C106 at Collegiate Library.

The next book is ‘Rubbernecker’ – Belinda Bauer and you can view all the details on the Feeling Fiction RLO

[Rubbernecker] provides a different sort of reality check. In her fourth novel, the author of the outstanding Blacklands turns her attention to altered states of mind, in the form of the Asperger’s syndrome of Patrick, the eponymous rubbernecker, and a ward full of comatose patients in a Cardiff hospital. Unable to read emotions and lacking access to metaphor, Patrick finds other people baffling, but an obsession with death, prompted by the demise of his father, leads him to study anatomy at university in a bid to understand what happens when people cease to be. Meanwhile, lying speechless and motionless in the neurological ward, Sam Galen believes that he has witnessed a doctor murdering the man in the next bed but is unable to tell anybody about it … There’s a third, Roald Dahl-esque storyline involving a lazy and self-centred nurse, and Bauer draws all three strands together at the end for an intelligent, disturbing read.

So if you love books, need to chill out and take a break from academic reading – come and join us!