Quiet and silent study areas

Quiet and silent study areas – your questions answered…

Are there any quiet areas? It’s really quite noisy and I find it extremely rude to study in the library when people are chattering, laughing, giggling, as if they are sat in anywhere that’s not a library.
This is a fair comment and one that we are actively working on ‘behind the scenes’.
In response to this and other similar comments about the quiet and silent study areas in the libraries we are about to start a research project. It will include using a number of ‘user experience’ techniques throughout the year.  This is the process of understanding what ‘users’/people do and why they do it. In turn this will ensure changes we make in these areas are student led where ever possible.
During this research, please continue to report any noise or disturbances in these areas. Here’s how you can get in touch with us. 
We’ll keep you posted with our findings as we are know of how important these areas are to many of you.
We’d also welcome any comments and suggestions about areas where you think we could improve library services. Email us at library@shu.ac.uk.