You say – you don’t like others smoking…

near the library entrances!
…”A lot of people are smoking right outside the Adsetts entrance. I am a non smoker and feel like choking every time I enter or leave the building. Not acceptable”
…”Students and staff using outside area opposite doors as a smoking area. There’s a big sign saying no smoking.”
We say…
The University policy states that smoking is not permitted outside the building entrances, this includes the library entrance. You can find the policy here. As a result of your comments we will be putting up more signs outside the library entrance which we will hope will help to combat this issue and encourage people to smoke away from the doors to Adsetts, level 4.
We will keep you posted. But in the meantime, please ‘contact us’ on the tab above, if you wish to have your say about any other experience of using the library.