What you think about finding a book in the library…

…”personally I really like the system and find it really easy to use. It is so much easier than any other library I have ever used”
…”none of the books were in order, all over the floor and sides”
…”Dewey is an easy system to use for locating books”
…”would be easier if the authors were listed alphabetically to make finding books in Adsetts easier”
Thanks for your comments. We’ll give you a brief overview of the Dewey system and answer your comments below…
What is the Dewey system?
The Dewey Decimal Classification System is the most widely used method for classifying books in the library. It is named after Melvil Dewey, an American Librarian who developed it in 1876. Essentially, the system allows books to be organised in to their topic using number codes that represent subject classification, and are then stored alphabetically usually by the first two or three letters of the authors surname.
If the books were organised alphabetically, it would mean going up and down library floors to find all the books you need for your course. Divided in to subject area first, means you should only need to look in a small section.
Locating a book – where to start?
We would suggest using ‘Library Search’ via Library Gateway on a Quick Access PC or Catalogue Plus PC and type in the books’ title, then write down or take a picture of the page, which will show the shelfmark (make sure you note the level, which is what floor you’ll need to go to).
For example…this is what you would see using Library Search…
Developing play for the under 3s: the treasure basket and heuristic play
Anita M. Hughes author
2016 Third edition
Available at Adsetts Library – 372.21 HU – LEVEL 3
Locating a book if the area is messy or the book isn’t checked out but missing from the shelf…

If an area is left messy, its usually because the library is busy and staff are tidying other areas. It can be hard to find a book in this case. Sometimes the book you want isn’t on the shelf, but isn’t checked out so is most likely being used within the library. Always ask at Reception for any help you might need. If you’ve searched for a book and they’re all checked out, you can reserve a copy after one has been returned, by requesting a book‘.
For any more info on the shelfmark of a book, please refer to finding a book on the shelves blog post.
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