Starting with RDM checklist

What to do when you are starting a project? Here are some simple steps.

  1. Do the 60 minutes introductory course to Research Data Management on shuspace (go to the Academic CPD Online Courses)
  2. Look through a checklist for a Data Management Plan. There are useful checklists available from the Digital Curation Centre and from the UK Data Service. This gives you an idea of the things you will need to think about when planning research / a research bid.
  3. Know what the University and your funders require.
  4. Know what resources the University offers.
  5. Use resources that are generally available, such as the resources mentioned on the external links page.
  6. Write a Data Management Plan. The Digital Curation Centre’s data management planning tool DMPOnline has templates for different research funders as well as specific SHU guidance. Go to the Data Management Plans guidance on this website to help you get started.

Every new research project needs to complete an online ethics form. Where relevant, projects are asked to attach a Data Management Plan to this form; this is a requirement for all publicly-funded research, and considered good practice for all other projects.