Sharing your research outputs

Making your publications Open Access in SHURA or by publishing them ‘Gold’ Open access, makes them available to a wider audience and guarantees the long-term preservation of your outputs so that future generations can access them.  This raises your profile and also helps you to meet your funder and the REF Open Access requirements

You may wish to share your outputs through other routes, but please be aware that your publisher may restrict where you can share your work and which versions you can use.

Caution should be applied regarding what is revealed about research before publication. Many academic publishers will not accept pre-published work, including work that has been posted on the internet via blogs, social networks, etc.  The advice below applies to already published works.

Sharing your published works

Before sharing your work, check what your publisher allows you to do.

Many publishers offer information about their sharing  policies, although sometimes policies of journals from the same publisher can be different.

Below are some examples of sharing policies from some of the large academic publishers.

The STM Association has created to provide further information about sharing journal articles. It includes the “Can I Share It” look-up tool and a longer list of links of publisher’s sharing policies.

You can check also check publisher and journal Open Access policies by using SHERPA Romeo.

You may wish to link to your work from social media posts and in your email signature, etc.  Consider linking to an Open Access version of your work, for example on SHURA.

Academic Social Networks

Academic  Social Networks such such as Academia and ResearchGate are commercial companies.

When using sites such as Academia and ResearchGate, please make sure that your publisher allows you to upload your work to these social networking sites (remember they are commercial).    Your publisher may not allow you to upload your work to commercial sites, even if it allows it to be deposited on SHURA (not for profit).  A good solution to this can be to link from the social network to your outputs on SHURA instead of uploading your full text to social network.

Always deposit your output in SHURA using Elements not just on social networks.

  SHURA Academia ResearchGate
Supports export or harvesting of your metadata and publications Yes No No
Guarantees long-term Open Access to your research outputs Yes No No
Supports the long-term preservation of your work Yes No No
Business model Not for profit
(institutional repository)
(sells job posting services, hope to sell data)

(sells ads and job posting services)

Fulfills the requirements of the SHU Open Access Publication policy Yes No No