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Once five people  have expressed an interest in a topic we will set a date, time, and place for a session to run. The booking link will appear on this page for other people to join the session.

If you need immediate support in one or more of these areas, please e-mail the team

Research data management (1 hour)

The benefits of Research Data Management and how to do it

  • Research Data Management in a nutshell
  • Why, when and what to plan
  • Managing live data
  • Preserving and sharing data
  • Write your own data management plan

Reference management (1 hour)

In this session you will be able to set up an account and begin using RefWorks management software, with the assistance of library research support staff.

Social media (1 hour)

Social media has a key role to play in raising your academic profile, but how can we utilise it? This session gives time to create accounts for and explore social media tools. No experience or knowledge of these tools is assumed.

Open Access (30 minutes)

Come along to this session to find out about the personal and community benefits of publishing your work Open Access, how to achieve Open Access through the ‘green’ or ‘gold’ routes, how you can comply with Open Access requirements from SHU, funders and the for the REF and about Open Access related copyright and licence issues.

Choosing where to publish (30 minutes)

Choosing where to publish can be a challenge and there are many factors that you may need to consider when choosing a publisher or a journal. This session will help you to navigate your choices, considering factors such as your aims, the scope of the publication, reaching your audience, the publication’s review process, journal metrics such as impact factors and your open access options. The aims are to help you to make informed judgements, introduce you to some helpful tools and support you with evaluating the trustworthiness of journals.

Metrics (30 minutes)

This session will show you how to use library resources to find bibliometrics and altmetrics for articles and researchers, including:

  • how to track the academic attention research outputs receive through citation analysis
  • how to find your h-index
  • altmetrics – what are they and where can you find them

There will also be an opportunity to discuss the limitations of these quantitative measures and how they can be used wisely.


Copyright and e-theses (30 minutes)

This session is for research students and supervisors.

The session covers

  • Why we have moved to electronic theses
  • Copyright issues
  • How to submit your electronic thesis to our online research archive SHURA