• Bitesize and practical sessions Autumn/Winter 2017. Bitsesize sessions are 20 minute introductions to a variety of research related topics. Practical sessions are longer, hands on seminars that expand on material delivered in bitesize sessions. Please book tickets via the Eventbrite links in the table below.
Date Time and Room Session name Eventbrite link
24/10 Tue 1.30-2pm Surrey 5507 Finding sources
25/10 Wed 2-2.30pm Howard 5422 Reference Management
27/10 Fri 11-11.30am  Surrey 5507 Research Data Management
31/10 Tue 11am-12pm Collegiate Library C106 Finding sources (Practical)
01/11 Wed 1.30-2pm Oaklands 213 Reference  Management
02/11 Thu 9-9.30am Oaklands 213 Open Access Publishing
03/11 Fri 9-9.30am Oaklands 213 Research Data Management
07/11 Tue 9-9.30am Oaklands 213 Finding resources
07/11 Tue 1-2pm Collegiate Library C106 Reference Management (Practical)
08/11 Wed 1.30-2pm Oaklands 213 Copyright and e-theses
09/11Thu 1-2pm Adsetts 6624 Finding sources Practical
10/11 Fri 9-9.30am Surrey 5504 Raising your profile : social media
13/11 Mon 10-10.30am  Surrey 5512 Choosing where to publish
14/11 Tue 10-11 am Adsetts 6624 Reference  Management (Practical)
15/11 Wed 9-9.30am Howard 5421 Copyright and e-theses
16/11 Thu 9.30-11am Collegiate Library C106 Research Data Management (Practical)
17/11 Fri 1.30-2 pm Oaklands 213 Bibliometrics and altmetrics: tracking academic and social media attention
20/11 Mon 10-10.30am  Surrey 5512 Open Access Publishing
22/11 Wed 1.30-2 pm The Mews N205 Where to publish
23/11 Thu 1.30-2.30 pm Adsetts 6624 Raising your profile : social media (Practical)
24/11 Fri 10.30am-12pm  Adsetts 6624 Research Data Management (Practical)
27/11 Mon 10-10.30 am Surrey 5512 Bibliometrics and altmetrics: tracking academic and social media attention
29/11 Wed 2-2.30pm Oaklands 213 Raising your profile : social media
01/12 Fri 10-11am Collegiate Library C106 Raising your profile : social media (Practical)



  • Publisher’s guide to getting published – date tbc

Details of past events can be found here.