Elements is live – Calling all staff and research students!

Please use Elements (not SHURA) to deposit your research. You can log in now with your SHU username and password here:


What is Elements?

Elements is the University’s new publications management system — Elements contains a list of all your research outputs and it will pass them on to other systems. Elements will send a perfectly ordered and formatted list of your publications to your staff profile on the external website. It will even allow you to choose favourites (displayed at the top of your publications list) as well as to choose which publications should be displayed!

SHURA remains as the University’s institutional repository — SHURA contains full-text documents only that can be found and downloaded by the public. Authors who wish to deposit copies of their research outputs to SHURA for compliance with REF 2021 Open Access requirements are asked to use Elements — and the Library team will process this for ultimate deposit in SHURA. Find out  more about Open Access and the REF.

The beauty of Elements is that it is easy to use. It will automatically find your work in databases such as Scopus and the Web of Science and ask you via email to “claim” it as yours.


What should I do now?

1. Elements will push your publications to your staff profile from Monday 3rd December. Please log in and check your publications list. Elements already contains all your research outputs from SHURA and Academ. The system may also have found new publications for you in external databases such as Scopus and the Web of Science that have been added to your record in Elements. It is also worth noting that the Library is currently working hard to add any other research outputs to Elements that are listed on your staff profile on the external web pages — this work will continue until in the new calendar year.

2. To find out how to set up your profile in Elements you can book onto a session now. This session will show you how to tweak automated searches in external databases so that Elements automatically finds your work. You will also learn how to ensure your publications lists are correct and complete, ready for display on your staff profile on the external web pages. There are several sessions per day, both at City Campus and at Collegiate Campus. Alternatively, you could look at the Elements Handbook and screencasts below. Training materials from these sessions will also be made available on this site.

3. You will still need to deposit the peer-reviewed manuscript of all journal articles and conference proceedings within 3 months of acceptance for compliance with REF 2021. Please deposit these manuscripts into Elements as soon as possible after acceptance and forward the acceptance email to elements@shu.ac.uk.

Find out  more about Open Access and the REF including details of the requirements and information about acceptance dates and which version of your manuscript you should deposit.


Support materials

Set up your profile to claim publications automatically

Below is just the section on adjusting your search settings for populating the “Pending” tab:


Deposit your publications on acceptance
The first 3 minutes of this video deals with journal articles and conference papers. For all other research outputs move forward to 3:12.


Claim, reject and manage your publications
This video covers claiming and rejecting publications from the My Publications section of Elements. Information regarding how to chose which publications are sent to your external staff profile appears at around 2:16.


Elements Guide

  • The Elements Guide: this comprehensive guide gets you started with Elements and is useful as a reference.

SBS- Managing Academ items in Elements

Elements training materials

Guidance for new staff

Further guidance from the makers of Elements


Get in touch

Please get in touch at elements@shu.ac.uk for more information.