Data Conversation

We recently held our first data conversation. The idea behind the data conversation is that there are short presentations on some aspect of research data management, followed by a discussion on the presentations and any issues that participants are interested in. Through the conversations we hope to raise awareness of and improve practice in research data management, provide opportunities for researchers to give presentations, and create networking opportunities.

The event started with Pete from the Library Research Support team, who gave a general overview of research data management-what it is, why it’s important, and the support available from the team. You can find out more about support for research data management on our data pages.

This presentation was followed by Elizabeth Sanderson of CRESR whose presentation you can see here. Elizabeth talked about some of the issues around managing data for a large longitiudinal study which involved several partners. Data security was important, as the data involved is very sensitive, so using encrypted means of file sharing and making use of the SHU Research Store is crucial. To ensure long term preservation and sharing is possible the team made sure appropriate consent has been obtained and the data processed in such a way that identification risk is minimised.

Colleagues who attended asked Elizabeth questions around the practicalities of collecting and processing the data, and we discussed ethical issues and long term preservation and sharing more generally as part of a ’round robin’ discussion of the research of the participants.

We hope to run another data conversation soon. Contact us if you’d be interested in giving a presentation- 10 to 15 minutes in length on any aspect of data management.