Hallam LGBT+ Staff Network provides a forum for staff who identify as LGBT+ to get together, and also advises the University on policies affecting LGBT+ staff. Events are organised throughout the year, particularly for LGBT History Month and IDAHOBIT (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia). Every year in June the University sponsors Sheffield Pride, and staff and students attend this celebratory event.

Terms of Reference

1. To create a network group that is active, visible, celebratory & “out”.
2. To provide “out” role models to students, employees & prospective students.
3. To advise & provide consultation with the Equality & Diversity team, Equality & Diversity committee, HR & other senior policy writers on LGBT+ matters.
4. To form a partnership with Sheffield Hallam student union LGBT+ group.
5. To produce regular information for members & supporters using a range of communications.
6. To publicise widely the activities in which the group is already involved.
7. Work with the wider community.

Mode of Operation

1. The group will hold monthly meetings.
2. Provide a safe & supportive environment for all LGBT+ staff.
3. Organise social & campaign events to encourage participation & raise awareness of LGBT+ matters
4. Work with partnership groups in Sheffield & student group Hallam LGBT+ Liberation Group.
5. Provide a spokesperson to attend the Equality & Diversity committee to advise on processes & systems for supporting LGBT+ staff, students & external parties, present reports when required & to drive the Equality & Diversity agenda forward.

The group welcomes support for its activities, from all members of staff. For more information about joining the network please email lgbt@shu.ac.uk

2019/20 Committee


Gabriella Turner & Marina Georgiou

Community Engagement Officers

Charmaine Myers & Philippa Baldock

Secretary / Treasurer

Melissa Hubbard

Activity and Wellness Officer

Liz Anyon

Marketing and Comms Officers

Luke Robert Allan & Tom Flanagan


The group will be open to all staff of Sheffield Hallam University who self-define as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trans. Members may indicate their preferred level of membership, including preferences about disclosure, based on a three level traffic light system, and this will be respected by all other members, officers and the chairs.

Traffic Light System

The network has a “traffic light” system for its members, as follows:

Green – totally “out” and willing to be named publicly as a role model for the University in publicity etc.
Amber – “out” or partly out at work, happy to be identified in meetings and group emails – visible to the other SIGNAL members.
Red – discreet membership, names only visible to Secretary and Chair, happy to receive SIGNAL emails, but always contacted via bcc emails only.