SCALE UP rooms

SCALE UP stands for Student-Centred Active Learning Environment for Upside-Down Pedagogy

SCALE UP table in Charles Street

Where are the SCALE UP rooms?

SCALE UP is a particular room type and it is also a teaching and learning method. Sheffield Hallam currently has SCALE UP rooms in the Charles Street Building (room 12.5.01) and in the new Sheaf Building (4226 and 4227).

The SCALE UP room creates a good physical environment to support active and collaborative learning.
Download this guide for academics on SCALE UP or read more here.

information about SCALE UP aimed at students

You can find information you can use with your students here

What is SCALE UP about?

Key features of the SCALE UP approach

  • The use of circular tables accommodating groups
  • Groups of 9 and divisible by 3
  • Technology-rich integrated into small group work
  • Short learning activities interspersed with class-wide discussion
  • Use of the GOAL framework for problem solving (Gather, Organise, Analyse, Learn) or the use of other use of specific problem-solving frameworks
  • Flipped teaching model
  • Student-led learning
  • Facilitative teaching role
  • Continuous opportunities for in-class formative feedback from peers and tutors
  • Strategic, tutor-allocated group formation e.g. mixed ability groups
  • Use of group roles e.g. coordinator, scribe, questioner, or other roles
  • Enquiry- or problem-based learning approaches

It addresses the problem, how to

  • Keep a classroom of 100 or more learners actively engaged
  • Enable students to practice communicating and working in teams in large classes
  • Boost the performance of all students
  • Shape a learning space so that students become the graduate they aspire to be

What do students do in SCALE UP?

  • Interact with real recognisable problems and scenarios
  • Collaborate with peers
  • Interact with peers and with tutors
  • Interact with tools and methods
    • used within their discipline
    • presenting and evaluating oral arguments
    • viewing and critiquing the work of individual teams

Find out about arrangements for using the laptop lockers in the SCALE UP room

worksheet to help you through the process of developing a new SCALE UP session or convert an existing one to SCALE UP is available. You can use this as an individual, or as a set of conversational prompts with a colleague.

A document containing tips and guidance on using the SCALE UP approach is also available.