WiFi wireless networking is provided throughout the university for staff and students to connect mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets and laptop, to the university network and wider internet.

This makes it quite straightforward to make use of mobile devices in teaching and learning at SHU, particularly where students are ready to use their own devices. (see the SHU Teaching Approaches Menu for ideas about integratg technology in your teaching)

The main WiFi network for staff and students is called ‘SHU-USS’ and information about how to access it can be found on the online IT Help resource. In addition, SHU is also a member of the ‘Eduroam’ network, which means that you can use your SHU network account to log into the wireless networks at many universities around the world (and people from those institutions can log in at SHU). This is very useful when travelling to other institutions for events and conferences, and further information about the service can also be found on the online IT Help resource.