How learning spaces effect your practice

We would like to hear from you. For example, can you tell us about,

  • How you design your teaching with the space in mind.
  • How you integrate specialist facilities in your practice? What are the practical implications? What are the pedagogic implications.
  • Unusual spaces have you used. Why? How?
  • Teaching and supporting learning off-site.
  • How you and your students use technology and social media in the classroom. How does this improve the way you connect with data or people and professional networks? Does it always work and what do you do if it doesn’t?
  • How your use of learning space affects inclusive practice.
  • How you or your students use informal space adjacent to teaching facilities.
  • What your students do on campus in-between scheduled teaching. Where?

There are so many questions, and more importantly, examples of practice and we would value brief or in-depth pieces in any media addressing examples from your practice please. Email the Teaching Essentials team and we will discuss how best to incorporate your contribution.