Teaching in the active learning classroom

Mobile whiteboard activity

Mobile whiteboard activity

Any classroom where a student-centred active learning approach is used can be thought of as an Active Learning Classroom. Some physical spaces at Sheffield Hallam University have been designed to optimise active learning and, as rooms are refurbished, more of our teaching estate will reflect an active learning philosophy. Some rooms like SCALE-UP rooms have been designed specifically for active learning methods.

The information on the following pages is intended to support the adoption of active learning approaches in the broadest sense. Where information pertains to specific rooms this will be made clear.

A PDF document bringing together some of this section of the site is downloadable here.

Adapting my practice to Active Learning

To run an Active Learning Classroom you will need to,

  • Devise suitable problems and scenarios for the students to work on – ideally, these should reflect ‘real-world’ problems
  • Where necessary, develop pre-session resources to get across the core foundational knowledge needed to work on the topic. Consider using a quiz for students to check that they have understood the material.
  • Start with sessions that contain several small problems and activities interspersed with reporting-back and content from you.
  • Then build towards using fewer, larger and more complex problems and enquiries and encouraging students to design their own problem activities to demonstrate their confidence and understanding.

These points are covered in this set of pages.

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