Teaching in Active Learning Classrooms

An 8 page publication looking at dimensions of Teaching in Active Learning Classrooms has been produced to coincide with the University Learning & Teaching Conference. The PDF document, downloadable here, draws upon the Spaces for Learning toolkit. It covers the Active Learning Classroom, Problem-based Learning, Whiteboarding, Stand Up Pedagogy, SCALE UP, and Triad groups for active learning.…

Staff using a whiteboarding technique

Exploring ‘whiteboarding’ in student-centred classroom activities

A new section in this toolkit has been developed to explore ‘whiteboarding’ – how student activities centred around visualising ideas, problems and concepts can engage small groups in co-productive activities.     See pages on, Whiteboarding Listing Sorting Concept mapping Capturing whiteboard activities Technology-enhanced generative activities and tools


Active Learning Classrooms

A series of pages on Teaching in Active Learning Classrooms has been developed for the site based on workshop materials we have developed to support the shift from ‘traditional’ teacher-centred approaches to student-centred methods. In this series, you will find information on, Good active teaching – preparing, running and managing the active learning classroom Common…