The table provides an overview on the work streams and current focus of the LLEG Board (click on the table for a larger printable version)


The information below is from the Strategy Implementation Plan, sitting alongside the ten immediate priorities and the key deliverables of the other three pillar boards.


Our vision is to be the world’s leading applied university, achieving outstanding outcomes for our students and our city, and showing the world what a university genuinely focused on transforming lives can achieve.

We will do this by leading locally and engaging globally, understanding that our place at the heart of this city and region, and our international connections, are fundamental to what we do.


  • enhanced economic growth and quality of life in our region
  • deeper and extended global engagement – linking Sheffield to the world and the world to Sheffield

Deliverables to 2020

  • driving long term improvements in the educational health of the region, by working with partners to improve aspiration and attainment levels from early years through to further and higher education; and reviewing our current network of partnerships, with a view to building a stronger and more focused set of relationships
  • strengthening our leadership role in the region, by developing successful relationships with partners to enhance the attractiveness of the University and region for teaching, research and innovation; becoming a beacon for business creation and growth; creating a high quality and efficient Degree Apprenticeship portfolio; and actively exploring and creating opportunities for wider regional strategic impact
  • developing as a globally connected and influential institution, by building an international perspective into the curriculum and wider student experience; promoting and celebrating the international dimension of our work; and building dynamic and influential partnerships with like-minded institutions