27 June 2017

Key discussion points and outcomes


Global engagement work plan and progress update
The Board considered the work plan and progress update and made a number of decisions, agreeing: – we should set a target of increasing outward student mobility (overseas experience) to 15% by 2020 – that work to produce a proposal for a SHU GoGlobal Centre as a physical and online entity should proceed.  This centre would support global engagement and student mobility. – that Roger Eccleston, PVC Global Engagement, will lead a review of TNE (transnational education) provision to provide a framework for future development – the leadership and co-ordination arrangements for the global engagement implementation plan

Business case for Degree Apprenticeships
The business case for Degree Apprenticeships was presented and comments were invited from Board members. The Degree Apprenticeships project is being progressed and the infrastructure needs to be developed. Conor Moss, ‎Director of Education and Employer Partnerships, who is leading this piece of work will present an update at the July Board.

Mandate for business readiness
The Board received and discussed the mandate for business readiness to develop a clear strategy on our short, medium and long-term aspirations, impacts and KPIs in each of the business readiness domains. A business case will be presented at a future board.

Enterprise and Innovation Hub
A business case is currently being prepared for  the development of a University Enterprise and Innovation Hub and is expected to be available for the September Board. This will provide an exciting, collaborative and entrepreneurial environment where SHU students and graduates can work alongside early-stage business to develop their enterprise skills and business ideas.

The proposed KPIs were discussed and feedback has been sought on both the University-level and Board-specific KPIs prior to their presentation to the University Leadership Team for their approval in July.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Record of the meeting held on 16 May 2017
  3. Global engagement work plan and progress update
  4. Business case for Degree Apprenticeships
  5. Mandate for business readiness
  6. Enterprise and Innovation Hub
  7. Key performance indicators
  8. AOB


Chris Husbands (Chair), Karen Bryan, Justin Cole, Roger Eccleston, Conor Moss, James Richardson, Lloyd Snellgrove, Carol Stanfield, Simon Taylor, Samantha Twiselton, Philip Wain, Tim Watkinson, Chris Wiggington, Claire Ward and Helen Roberts (Secretary).