Leadership Bulletin – July 2018

The Leading Locally and Engaging Globally update from the July 2018 Leadership Bulletin

Professor Sir Chris Husbands

The Sheffield City Region (SCR) now has an elected Mayor (Dan Jarvis, currently MP for Barnsley Central), which means that the first stage of the devolution deal is in place.  Once the devolution process is complete, the Mayor will have a budget of £30m per year for thirty years and therefore will have a key role in the economic, political and social future of the four local authorities which make up the region. Dan is a good friend of the university; he has visited four times in the past year and has spoken warmly of our work.  The immediate objective is to work with Dan to shape his policy objectives, via two main vehicles:  the residual work of the SCR vision group which drew together the two universities and the teaching hospital; and the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

The Secretary of State for Education has now approved the application for a new University Technical College (UTC) in Doncaster.  UTCs are 14-18 schools with a strongly vocational focus. The University is a board member for the two UTCs in Sheffield and we will play a strong role in the development of the Doncaster UTC as well.

I continue to chair the Doncaster Opportunity Area (OA) Partnership Board as a Secretary of State appointment.  OAs are vehicles for significant government investment in educational improvement in areas of severe underperformance.  The university’s engagement with Doncaster is strategically important: extending our reach out of the city and working as a broker for improvement working with partners across the school/FE agenda.

The UPP Foundation has established a Civic University Commission.  The commission is intended to pose questions about how universities can best serve their civic role.  The chair is Lord Kerslake, the chair of the Hallam Board of Governors.  Senior civil servants have been clear that they think that this Commission is very important at a time when universities are seeking to articulate their benefit to the wider community more clearly.  The Commission is receiving written submissions from universities and interested parties, and held one of their three oral evidence sessions at Sheffield Hallam on Friday 29 June.

By driving improvements in the educational health of the region as well as strengthening our regional leadership role, key aims of the Leading Locally, Engaging Globally Board, Sheffield Hallam is now positioned very strongly with ministers as a University serious about engaging with education policy and developing benefits for our community.



Excerpt from the July 2018 Leadership Bulletin

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