17 October 2017

Key discussion points and outcomes


Action Record of the meeting 19 September 2017
Sheffield Hallam Student Union Volunteering – The Task and Finish Group proposed at the September meeting will be established by Friday 20 October and will ensure any proposals made dovetail with the Hallam Award.

Business Readiness Strategy Paper
Kevin Kerrigan presented the Business Readiness strategy paper and the Board were invited to comment.  It was agreed that a cohesive programme of work will now be created and any synergies reviewed.   The strategy paper will be further developed and an update will be provided at a future Board.

Collaborative Partners Mandate
The Board received and endorsed a proposal for actions to improve our ability to engage in high quality partnerships in the UK and overseas.

Global Engagement update
The Board received and endorsed a revised Global Engagement paper that was previously approved by Chair’s action following the September Board meeting.  The next stage is to develop the workplan for delivery.

LLEG monthly performance report
The Board received the monthly performance report which outlined progress to date on all approved change initiatives.

The Chair reiterated the distinct pillar board paper definitions as follows

  • Strategy – States a challenge or opportunity and identifies possible institutional responses
  • Mandate– Outlines a recommended response from those proposed in the strategy paper
  • Business Case – Sets out a funded programme of work in relation to the recommended response, including costs and ROI​


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Action Record of the meeting 19 September 2017
  3. Business Readiness Strategy Paper
  4. Collaborative Partners Mandate
  5. Global Engagement update
  6. LLEG monthly performance report
  7. AOB


Chris Husbands (Chair), Karen Bryan (Co-Chair), Clare Boot, Richard Calvert, Justin Cole, Roger Eccleston, Kevin Kerrigan, Nicola Rawlins, James Richardson, Jacqui Robinson, Lloyd Snellgrove, Carol Stanfield, Simon Taylor, Helen Roberts (HVR) – Secretary