17 April 2018

Key discussion points and outcomes

Kevin Kerrigan welcomed Professor Alison Metcalfe, Pro Vice-Chancellor for the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing to the Board.

Performance Report

  • South Yorkshire Futures – The update included feedback on the successful launch of the school governors project
  • FE Partnerships – Further to the update at the March Board Conor Moss confirmed – Results from the submission of the Institute of Technologies (IoT) bid are now expected in May.
  • Global Engagement – The framework for development on international partnerships has attracted positive feedback. Go Global funding has created 100 new opportunities for students
  • Health Innovation Park – AWRC turf cutting event took place 10 April and attracted good attendance. The Health Innovation Partnership was launched at the event.

Review of LLEG strategic priorities, sub board structure and KPI’s
Kevin Kerrigan presented a paper to clarify the purpose of LLEG having reviewed the first year’s delivery, identify clear activities the board is measuring and confirm the areas that LLEG commission future work into.

The board were asked to consider the information and feedback ahead of the May Pillar Board.

Small Business Charter – Lessons Learned
The University has secured Small Business Charter 3-year accreditation governed by the Chartered Association of Business Schools. The award focuses on services offered by Business Schools and wider university enterprise teams. The SBC is a mark of excellence for business schools, recognising and celebrating expertise in:

  • Supporting small businesses
  • Student entrepreneurship
  • Engagement in the local economy

See the SBC Website for further information.


  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Action Record for the meeting 13th March 2018
  3. Performance Report
    1. Risks
  4. Review of LLEG strategic priorities, sub board structure and KPI’s
  5. Conference Centre report and next steps
  6. China-UK Business Incubator
  7. Small Business Charter – Lessons Learned
  8. Regional Engagement Plan


Kevin Kerrigan, Richard Calvert, Clare Boot, Justin Cole, Roger Eccelston, Conor Moss, Nicola Rawlins, Simon Taylor, Philip Wain, Greg Burke, Nasser Sherkat, James Richardson, Alison Metcalfe, Danielle Allen- Interim Secretary