16 Janaury 2018

Key discussion points and outcomes


Performance Report
Business Readiness: Higher Degree Apprenticeships

  • Kevin Kerrigan confirmed that the tender for Barclays Level 7 Masters Apprentice was unsuccessful, coming second to Cranfield.
  • Apprenticeship numbers planning for 2018/19 to meet growth targets has been agreed in principle.
  • The Board received the outline Business Case for the SCR Skills Capital Funding (external) and supported the bid going forward. The external funding has been secured. Kevin Kerrigan confirmed the Business Case will be going to INVIC for approval of the required capital spend (Facilities budget).
  • A refined HDA Business Case will be brought to a future Board.

Business Readiness: Leadership and CPD

  • Kevin Kerrigan confirmed a team has been established for the Sheffield Future Leaders Programme.

Business Readiness: Enterprise and Innovation

  • Enterprise Innovation Hub: A business case for an Enterprise and Innovation Hub will be presented at a future Board.

Global Engagement

  • James Richardson confirmed that students are already benefitting from the GoGlobal Fund. He reported the University’s Erasmus+ score had increased from 81 to 87% now holding the highest rating of Very Good. The University have been commended for the close alignment to the Strategy, with clear KPIs to increase student mobility. In December 2017 the Government committed to Erasmus+ funding up to 2019-20.
  • The Global Connections Framework (International Partners) will be presented at the next board

Risk management

  • Aligned with the Board Terms of References all barriers/risks or issues will be captured on a Risk Register including mitigating actions and owners.

Business Readiness Update
The Board received the Business Readiness Strategic Plan. The Board were invited to comment on the themes, owners and associated timelines.  The Plan will continue to be developed.

Local and Regional engagement update
The Board received a presentation by Jacqui Robinson and Carol Stanfield which includes the following three Strategic Themes

  • Deploying our considerable resources in teaching and research to remove the barriers that prevent the best and brightest students from achieving their full potential
  • A sector leader in innovative and real-world solutions for tackling today’s health and wellbeing challenges
  • A driver of regional and national economic growth

Kevin Kerrigan shared with the board that SBS were receiving a visit by small charter accreditation team on 17 January and will update board on accreditation outcome once known.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Action Record of the meeting 12 December 2017
  3. Performance Report
  4. HDA capital update
  5. Business Readiness update (SCR Skills Capital)
  6. Local and Regional engagement update
  7. Future agenda items
  8. AOB


Chris Husbands, Helen Best, Clare Boot, Greg Burke, Richard Calvert, Justin Cole, Roger Eccleston, Kevin Kerrigan, Nicola Rawlins, James Richardson, Jacqui Robinson, Nasser Sherkat, Carol Stanfield, Simon Taylor, Samantha Twiselton, Philip Wain, and Rachel Parnham – Interim Secretary.