15 May 2018

Key discussion points and outcomes


LLEG Terms of Reference (ToR), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and future agenda
Following the April board the paper was revised to reflect feedback provided.
The following sub-structure of five Engagement Groups was agreed

  • Business
  • Education
  • Global
  • Health
  • Regional

A more detailed breakdown of the activity under these groups can be found in this diagram.  Each sub group will be established or existing groups repurposed where appropriate.

2018/19 plans
Kevin Kerrigan presented a paper to the Board summarising the main strategic initiatives under the LLEG Pillar Board for 2018-19 and to identify how and where these were reflected in Faculty and Directorate plans. This enabled an informed discussion to take place about deliverability, gaps, risks and opportunities and increase our level of confidence in the coherence of the university’s activities.

Student and Graduate Enterprise
Conor Moss and Kevin Kerrigan presented a paper introducing the strategic plan for Student and Graduate Enterprise, setting out ambitious but achievable objectives, identifying points of distinctiveness and an implementation plan.
The board gave approval in principle subject to refining specific items and ensuring a powerful statement of the overall ambition.

Key Account Management
Conor Moss and Sam Moorwood presented a mandate to set out principles for identifying and managing key accounts across the University, to optimise business to business relationships. The board gave approval in principle, with the need for board members to provide feedback.


  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Action Record of the meeting held on Tuesday 17 April
  3. LLEG Terms of Reference (ToR), Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and future agenda
  4. 2018/19 plans
  5. Performance Reports
    1. Agree ULT Messaging
    2. Risks
  1. LLEG Budget
  2. Student and Graduate Enterprise
  3. Key Account Management
  4. AOB
    1. Deep dives Faculty/Directorates/LLEG


Kevin Kerrigan – Acting Chair, Clare Boot, Greg Burke, Richard Calvert, Justin Cole, Roger Eccleston, Chris Husbands, Christopher Low, Alison Metcalfe, Conor Moss, Nicola Rawlins, James Richardson, Jacqui Robinson, Simon Taylor, Samantha Twistleton, Chris Wigginton, Raela Chambers – Secretary and guests presenting items.