14 November 2017

Key discussion points and outcomes


FE Partnerships Strategy update
The Board received an update on work being undertaken via The FE Partnerships Strategy. The update was framed around work already in progress.  The board requested changes to paper as a basis for further work, which needs to be led from DEEP.  Areas to be focussed upon include:

  • Structural challenges of working with autonomous FE institutions who have their own agenda
  • Clarity around institutional goals and advantages
  • Revisiting of KPIs
  • Strengthening logic chain from goals through activities to outcomes
  • Sharper distinction between activities/relationships within and beyond Sheffield City Region.

Student Enterprise strategy
The Board received a presentation on Student Enterprise.

Kevin Kerrigan is to engage with the faculties regarding the possibilities for embedding enterprise into the curriculum and to establish a Task & Finish Group to finalise our Student Enterprise Strategy, giving consideration to how this fits into our broader Employability strategy.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Action Record of the meeting 10 October 2017
  3. FE Partnerships Strategy update
  4. Collaborative Partners approval process update
  5. Student Enterprise strategy
  6. AOB


Chris Husbands, Helen Best, Clare Boot, Richard Calvert, Justin Cole, Roger Eccleston, Kevin Kerrigan, Conor Moss, James Richardson, Jacqui Robinson, Lloyd Snellgrove, Simon Taylor, Samantha Twiselton, Philip Wain, Chris Wigginton, Helen Roberts  – Secretary