12 December 2017

Key discussion points and outcomes


Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan
The board received a presentation from Roger Eccleston.  The board observed a number of interdependencies and crossovers with other initiatives that must be overseen and managed, including The University Communications and Engagement Strategy, Academic Work Planning (BGU) and South Yorkshire Futures (LLEG). Additionally, the interfaces between Research & KE and Business Readiness are to be explored further to enable clear articulation.

LLEG Portfolio
The Board received a visual representation of the work being governed by the LLEG Board.

B2B CRM Project – Closure Report and Lessons Learned
The Board received and approved the closure report and lessons learned.  They confirmed Conor Moss as Business Owner for the system that has now transitioned to live.

The board agreed that the further development and scaling of the B2B solution should form part of the University’s holistic approach to CRM. Richard Calvert confirmed he is the ULT Lead for CRM (reports to BAGU).

All members to provide Clare Boot, Strategic Portfolio Manager with any future papers/updates that they intend to bring to the board early 2018 to enable draft agendas to be finalised and support to be allocated for creation of papers.


  1. Apologies for absence
  2. Action Record of the meeting 14 November 2017
  3. Creating Knowledge Implementation Plan
  4. Diagrammatic representation of work from LLEG
  5. Regional Engagement Portfolio
  6. CRM B2B Project Closure Report and Lessons Learned
  7. Business Ready external funding update
  8. Performance Report
  9. AOB


Chris Husbands, Helen Best, Clare Boot, Richard Calvert, Justin Cole, Roger Eccleston, Kevin Kerrigan, Conor Moss, Nicola Rawlins, James Richardson, Jacqui Robinson, Carol Stanfield, Simon Taylor, Samantha Twiselton, Philip Wain, Chris Wigginton, Helen Roberts  – Secretary, and guest presenting an item.