Upcoming Event: Enhancing Inclusivity in Classroom Teaching

The approaches we take to designing and delivering classes – whether inside a lecture theatre, lab, studio or seminar room or outside on a fieldtrip – can have a major impact on levels of student engagement and satisfaction. As teachers we strive to make our teaching interesting and inspiring and to offer students variety in learning opportunities. At the same time, we need to be mindful of our responsibilities, legally and ethically, to ensure that our classes are relevant and accessible to an audience of mixed abilities, ages, genders, sexualities, and cultures.

It is not unusual for staff to feel that inclusive practice principles are ‘externally imposed’ and that they restrict creativity in teaching.  Yet evidence shows that by exploring our teaching practices through the lens of inclusive practice, we can uncover new ideas and discover better ways to interact with and work in partnership with students. Moreover, by adopting a proactive approach to inclusivity, we can save ourselves a lot of time and stress at key points in the annual teaching cycle.

This workshop is for staff who are interested in improving one or more of their classes by enhancing inclusivity in the way they design and deliver it. This may involve reviewing and developing current approaches, or developing entirely new activities or resources. In the workshop, you will develop your own project with guidance from experienced colleagues and you will be supported in implementing your initiative after the event via a network of peers.  You will need to come to the workshop with an initial idea for a practice development,  but this can be broad and embryonic. Project ideas could include, for example:

  • Development of module resources (slides, hand-outs, online spaces etc.) to ensure they are accessible and adhere to best practice guidance.
  • Design of seminar activities to promote diversity, cultural awareness and global citizenship.
  • Introduction of techniques to promote engagement (e.g. interactivity in lectures, group work, student presentations) whilst honouring terms of Learning Contracts.

Who should attend?:  If your project idea involves a team of colleagues, we strongly encourage you to attend as a team, rather than send a single representative to ensure that you get the most out of the workshop activities.

What next? You will leave the workshop with a completed project plan and an evaluation strategy. You will have a mentor who will continue to support you through the implementation stages of your project.


NSS:  : Questions 1-4 (The teaching on my course) ; Questions 5-7 (Learning Opportunities)

UKPSF: A1, K3, V1/2 ; Involvement in these projects will be useful for evidencing applications for HEA fellowship and remaining in good standing.

Session details:

City Campus, Aspect Court 15103 26th April 09:30-12:30  Book Now

To book, click the links above or alternatively email shucpd@shu.ac.uk with the name and date of the event you wish to attend.