Shut up and write! Virtual support for academic writing

With the release of the call for contributions to the 2017 LTA conference, we thought we’d remind you of our fortnightly virtual ‘Shut Up and Write’ sessions which provide the opportunity for you to write with the support of a community, without leaving your desk (or preferred writing space). All you need is a twitter account.

About ‘Shut Up and Write’

‘Shut Up and Write’ is a movement which was originally set up by the PhD community in San Francisco.  The basic idea is to provide time and space for academic writers to come together as a writing community and support each other. Sessions usually last an hour and take place in cafes or comfortable social spaces. They follow the pomodoro format – two 25 minute blocks of writing (in silence), separated by a 10 minute break.  Participants are often amazed how much they get done in this short burst of focused activity.  Key to the success of ‘Shut Up and Write’ sessions is the ability to share your writing experience with others. So, whether it goes really well or whether you get completely stuck, the opportunity to congratulate and commiserate with others is really valuable.

Of course, not everyone can commit to spending a couple of hours in a cafe each fortnight! So, a new virtual version of ‘Shut Up and Write’ has evolved to provide the same structure and support to colleagues, without requiring everyone to be in the same physical space. Several very successful sessions are hosted using Twitter as a tool for connecting people (in the UK, the largest community is ‘Shut Up and Write Tuesdays UK‘ (@SUWTUK).

SHUt up and write (see what we did there!?)

Not everyone wants to join a large, national community.  So, we have a dedicated programme of virtual sessions especially for SHU staff and doctoral students. To join, all you need is a twitter account. Once you have your account, you need to follow @shu_suw and get ready for your first session.

Sessions take place on Tuesdays, once a fortnight, between 10-11am. We recommend that you start preparing for the session around 09:45; get your workstation ready, login to twitter and start sending tweets to tell everyone what you are hoping to achieve during the session. By using the hashtag #SHUtup&write , you ensure that others can connect with you during the session.

The session hosts (@shu_suw) tell you when to start and when to break; they are also there to provide moral support and keep everyone connecting.  At the end of the session (11am) everyone shares their successes (and struggles) and advice can be offered.

Give it a go!

So, whether you are writing a conference submission, article or even a lecture this initiative could help you! The next session will be on Tuesday 28th February between 10-11am.  Join us for an hour and see what you can achieve!

Forthcoming dates: 28th Feb 14th March 28th March

We will break in April, but be back online on the 9th May.

If you have questions about joining the sessions please email Natasha Taylor.