On 24th May, SHU L&T and Skills Teams organised their first ever Teachmeet. If you aren’t familiar with the Teachmeet ethos it’s a platform to share ideas and experience, in an informal way, with a few presenters and much audience participation – the idea is about sharing.
Our target audience was Library and Academic Skills staff who support students in Further and Higher Education, who wanted to share their best practices and resources with others. We had thirty attendees in all, with much more interest shown than we anticipated. So much so that we had a waiting list! We had five external presenters and two internal ones. All of the presentations can be found in our Teachmeet subject guide.
Our Teachmeet was on the subject of supporting learners who study at a distance. These don’t necessarily have to be traditional distance learners; they can be any student who doesn’t access their study in the traditional campus-based manner. So that includes commuter students, placement students and students on practice based courses.
As part of the day, we took over the twitter feed for Hallam Library, using the hashtag #SHUTeachmeet We had a lively and interesting twitter chat, with some people who weren’t participants also joining in. And lots of pictures!
The day was a great success. Verbal feedback, and the chats we heard going on during the day, indicated that everyone was enjoying themselves, sharing best practice and networking. One of the most productive parts of the day was the table discussion in which we shared our thoughts and experiences of working with these student groups.
After the event – and to support ongoing discussion and learning – we created a subject guide to include the presentations, a sharing platter and a picture gallery. This has been shared with the wider (LIS) Library and Academic Skills networks and we are still receiving enquiries about the day and the resources! We had a catch-up meeting last week, where we discussed next steps and the potential to run another Teachmeet in the not-too-distant future.
Watch this space…