GDPR Privacy Phishing Scams

by Jonathan Ashton.

GDPR is coming into effect on 25th May and will herald a big change in the way organisations hold and manage personal data.

As such many organisations will need to seek consent from existing and new users, you may have noticed an increased number of emails asking you to either review privacy policies or grant explicit consent to continue receiving emails, etc.

We’ve become aware of a number of phishing campaigns purporting to be from a well-know organisation/brand with the sole intent of getting login details from recipients who respond.  Further details are in this article:

As always, take care when dealing with emails inviting you to click on external links

  • Check the sender’s email address carefully (phishers often use slight misspellings to dupe the unwitting into clicking)
  • Check any link in the email by hovering over it, if it doesn’t look quite right it likely isn’t

There’s no indication that the SHU community is being targeted so there’s no need to be unduly worried but do be careful when dealing with these types of emails – both at work and at home