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July 6th, 2016 | Posted by Hannah Taylor in Uncategorized

Several feedback initiatives have been implemented within IT Help with the aim to gain more understanding of our staff and students and their experiences when they’ve received support from IS&T.

We consistently collect feedback from several sources:

Event surveys

Once a query has been resolved, you are asked to rate the service you just received on a scale of 1-5. To do this, click on the link at the bottom of your Unidesk email or Chat conversation or fill out a paper version at the IT Help Points.

A weekly email survey

Each week, a percentage of people who have contacted IT Help are emailed a 1 minute survey that asks them to rate our service on 3 key points.

  • Quality of resolution
  • Courtesy and Professionalism
  • Overall satisfaction with technical support

There is also space for you to leave your comments.

Proactive and retroactive phone surveys

We have conducted several phone surveys to find out about specific or current issues.

IT Feedback email

For general comments you can email us at ! IT Feedback .

We publish the results from the event and email surveys on the IS&T blog on a regular basis. Click here to see last month’s feedback or click the ‘Feedback to IT’ tab at the top of the page.




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