New features for Managed Desktops

June 9th, 2016 | Posted by Hannah Taylor in IT improvements

By Simon Alexander and Gavin Moore

Two new features are currently being distributed to Managed Desktop workstations which will improve the experience of staff and students using computers at SHU for 2016/17:

Application Jukebox

Application Jukebox allows you to use a piece of software without the application being installed on the PC. This will enable PCs to run faster, log in more quickly and give users access to a greater range of software across the University. It is easy to use but will mean a slight change to the way you access and use the software.  The service within SHU will be known as AppHub and we will be publishing instructions and videos about how to use it shortly.

Those who already have the player installed on their workstation can view the service by using Internet Explorer and visiting whilst within SHU. If the Player has installed successfully then you will be authenticated and the applications currently available to you will be displayed on screen and can be launched.

The service has already been used within SHU to successfully deliver software for Teaching and Learning during 2015/16. This includes SAS 9.4 for ACES and applications for use during the evaluation of the Windows Surface Pro 4s within HWB. We will also be making several more pieces of software available via AppHub during 2016/17.

Managed Desktop Assistance Centre

A new tool has been launched for the Managed Desktop. The Managed Desktop Assistance Centre (MDAC) has been designed to support you with the use of the Managed Desktop. It makes finding information about your workstation or user code easy, provides links to Managed Desktop information and helps you submit IT Help requests or feedback.

It also provides tools to help you perform some simple tasks, such as backing up Outlook signatures, saving screenshots to a file with a single button click and managing your Homespace.

This tool is currently being developed within IS&T and new features are being added frequently. It can be found on the SHU Managed Desktop menu under ‘All Programs’ or by searching for ‘MD Assistance Centre’ in the search bar.

For more information about application jukebox and other new desktop technology read our desktop futures blog article and the intranet site for the Windows 10 Managed Desktop.

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