TurningPoint for Charles Street Lecture Theatre

May 23rd, 2016 | Posted by Hannah Taylor in IT improvements | Uncategorized

TurningPoint voting keypads have now been installed in the Charles Street Lecture Theatre. The pads are located underneath the work surfaces. To use, just slide towards you, as shown below:

The TurningPoint software allows you to easily add interactive content to presentations, lectures and training sessions via a Power Point plug in.

Fixed voting keypads are now available in:

  • Peak, Pennine and Charles Street Lecture Theatres at City Campus
  • Herbert Wing 1 at Collegiate Crescent

There are also sets of voting pads which are available for advanced booking and can be used in any of the teaching spaces on campus.

To add the plug in to a SHU laptop or computer you can view this short tutorial or use the following instructions:

  1. Click on the Start button
  2. Select All Programs
  3. Select Run Advertised Programs
  4. When pop-up appears select TurningTechnologies from the list
  5. Click on Run
  6. Click OK to the message ‘TurningPoint is about to be installed’
  7. Wait for the message ‘TurningPoint is installed’
  8. Click OK and close the Run Advertised Programs box

To run TurningPoint

  1. click on the Start button
  2. In the search box start to type turningpoint and the program will appear above
  3. Click on it when it appears (It may take a minute or so to launch on first use)

For more details about the TurningPoint software, visit out intranet page.

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