Working towards a green University

March 31st, 2016 | Posted by Hannah Taylor in Uncategorized

Over the past few years, SHU has been working hard to reduce its environmental impact and has continually maintained its certification to the environmental management standard, ISO 14001. In February, the University’s ISO 14001 external auditor requested to see IS&T to evaluate the actions we have been taking to support SHU’s sustainability goals.

What is the ISO system?

The ISO 14001 is an auditable, environmental management standard which provides a framework for businesses to create their own bespoke environmental management system. SHU have set their own targets and performance measures and undertake internal and external audits to ensure that they are being achieved. Internal audits are completed all year round with an external audit once every six months.

Sheffield Hallam seeks assessment to publicly demonstrate our environmental commitment and excellence to students, staff and stakeholders. Having an effective system also helps us to save energy, money and the environment and provides a process for us to comply with environmental legislation and other requirements.

How has IS&T helped?

IS&T meet regularly with the Sustainability Team to monitor environmental performance in the directorate and discuss opportunities to lower the environmental impact of our activities. IS&T also sit on the ISO 14001 Management Review Group (MRG) which meets bi-monthly. This is an opportunity for the directorate to ask questions regarding the system, close off outstanding actions and discuss options.

IS&T has contributed to the maintenance of the certification in several ways. Find out more here.

Further information about Sheffield Hallam’s sustainability programme can be found in our 2014-15 Annual Sustainability Report.

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