Personal IT Security

March 24th, 2016 | Posted by Hannah Taylor in Uncategorized

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Remember to log off or lock a PC when unattended, don’t rely on the screensaver. This is especially important to remember in meeting and teaching rooms. This is so that other people can’t use your email, network accounts and network drives. Do not share your login details on social media sites, or with other people, even work colleagues.

‘Shoulder surfing’ is a way people can collect information such as your passwords and PIN numbers, by reading the screen over your shoulder, or watching you type. This information can be used by someone who wants to ‘borrow/use’ your identity to access your network account, and possibly access your email and other sensitive University systems.

Treat sensitive and personal information about your friends and colleagues as you would your own.

Never leave portable IT devices unattended.

For help and further advice please contact the IT Helpdesk at

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