Jukebox hero?

February 26th, 2015 | Posted by Jennifer Kennedy in IT improvements












By Simon Alexander

We’re evaluating Application Jukebox to see if it could help with software distribution at SHU.  IS&T is currently testing new technology on a number of computers in the Norfolk building.  The product could help us speed up the distribution of software at the University, give users access to more applications and improve the performance of our computers.  The technology is called ‘Application Jukebox’ and works by allowing people to use software without actually installing it to the PC. In all other ways each piece of software will behave as though it is installed and the person using it shouldn’t notice a difference in the way they work with it.

We will be evaluating how Application Jukebox has performed  towards the end of March and, if we decide it’s worth investing in, we could be using it to distribute software for the start of teaching next academic year.

For more information about our pilot of Application Jukebox and the applications currently using it, see this article.

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