New Way of Printing for students in Adsetts Learning Centre

June 30th, 2014 | Posted by Jennifer Kennedy in Uncategorized

MFD image

From 15 July, students in the Adsetts Centre will be using a new way of printing. The old style black and white printers will be removed and more all-in-one printers (MFDs) will be provided to give a simpler printing method with many benefits. Students will be able send their printing jobs to a print queue and then swipe their new-style SHUcards on any all-in-one printer to collect their work. The new printers will be installed from 7 July but the old black and white printers will stay while we make the changeover, floor by floor, on 15 July.

This way of printing was piloted at Collegiate learning centre from March this year and students have found the new system trouble-free. The advantages are:

  • Printing isn’t released until students have logged in, meaning no-one accidentally picks it up
  • Printing can be collected from any all-in-one printer so if one is busy, students can find another
  • There will be more printing options and more printers to choose from – including two new all-in-one printers in the cafe area of Adsetts.
  • There will be no change in cost.
  • Printing will be quicker and easier with shucards
  • There will be low-level printers for those who need them and students can print on their own paper

This screencast shows how to use all-in-one printing.

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